About Us

Thought it was about time I introduce myself. My name is Alicia and I am the owner of Magnolia Grace Babies . I live with my husband Patrick and our three children Madison, Lucas, and Wyatt in a small town in upstate New York. I decided to start Magnolia Grace while staying home with my children and homeschooling them during this pandemic. I have always had an entrepreneur side of me as I love to make jewelry and crafts and sell them at craft fairs, stores, and shops around New York. Since the pandemic started I tried to figure out what else I could do that I was passionate about and children and baby products was the first thing that came to mind, thus Magnolia Grace Babies was born.
🌸I have always had an interest in the baby/maternity industry since my youngest was born a micro preemie at 25 weeks pregnant weighing only 2lbs and being 11 inches long (he will be celebrating his 9th birthday this coming October, time sure does fly).
✨He is my miracle baby . I could never find quality infant clothing that were properly suited for such a small baby..... even after gaining a few pounds. Needless to say Wyatt spent almost his entire first year in only plain onesies. I was even disappointed in the quality of the nursery items, bedding, and other essential products at the time. I thought, I could find better products at better rates than the traditional box stores. I even made him a few outfits myself with help.
🙏 I had thought the hardest part of our lives would be over with, after having Wyatt so early and how hard he fought to stay with us. I was very wrong..... Only three years after Wyatt was born my husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer 😔. He had to undergo two major surgeries and two rounds of chemo in a matter of 3 months. And to top everything off I started having major medical problems of my own, including having to have a hysterectomy at age 30 and many complications following that procedure. But through it all our family stayed strong and stood together to embrace whatever life handed us. I am happy to say that Patrick is still currently in remission with very close monitoring and I am finally on my way to feeling healthy again . As a mom and wife I just pushed through the long painful days because I knew we would get through it, I just had to keep moving forward and take nothing for granted.
🌞I decided to open Magnolia Grace Babies because I now know never to take anything for granted and to cherish every moment you have with your loved ones. To never back down from a dream and Magnolia Grace is my dream. My dream is to bring beautiful, meaningful, quality products to your miracle babies and families. Also to help support charities such as Ronald McDonald houses, Kind Cotton, NICUs across the country and other organizations we find with a percentage of each sale we get.
I hope this post has given you a small peak inside what is behind our new business and what is truly important to us. Thank you for reading and supporting us in this new adventure, words could never describe how much it means to us. ❤️